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Shipping Glossary

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Anchors and chains proved,Always afloat, after arrival,Annual aggregate deductible,Against all risks,Able-bodied seaman,American Bureau of Shipping is an American ship classification society,Account,Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service,
Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute,Air cushion vehicle (hovercraft),dvanced freight,as far as applicable,Atlantic, Gulf, West Indies Limits,After hatch,American hull form (insurance policy),American Institute of Marine Underwriters,
Absolute maximum loss,Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue,Any one voyage,Any one bottom,Any one event,Any one loss,Any one location,Any one occurrence,Any one risk,
Any one vessel,Additional premium,As per list,All risks,Association of South East Asian Nations,Actual total loss,Account current,Account of,Additional premium,All risks. Against all risks,
After sight, Account sales, Alonside,American terms,Average, ad valorem,Association of African Development Finance Institutions,American Association of Exporters and Importers,Arab-African International Bank,
Association of African Trade Promotion Organizations,American Business Center,Association des Banques Centrales Africaines,Abandonment,Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa,American Business Initiative, Automated Broker Interface,American Chamber of Commerce in Japan,Original bill of lading surrendered to the carrying ship at the dschg port,Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation,Account,,Arms Control and Disarmament Agency,Advisory Committee, on Export Policy,Automated Clearinghouse
African, Caribbean, and Pacific,African, Caribbean and Pacific States,Association of Coffee Producing Countries,Automated Commercial System,Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations,
Asian Clearing Union,Antidumping,Ad Valorem,Literally: according to value. Any charge, that is applied as a percentage of value,Ad valorem-according to value,Asian Development Bank,African Development Foundation, African Development Fund, Asian Development Fund,
Abu Dhabi Fund for Arab Economic Development,Arms Export Control Act,Africa Enterprise Fund,Administrative Exception Note,Automated Export Reporting Program,African Development Bank,African Development Fund,
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development,Alliance of Small Island States,Administrative Protective Order,Auto Parts Advisory Committee,Africa Project Development Facility,Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation,American Petroleum Institute,
Approved,Atomic Weight,Arab Trade Financing Program,Across the ship or from side to side,American Traders Index, Andean Trade Initiative,Atlantic,Automated Trade Locator Assistance Network,
Agricultural Trade and Marketing Information Center,Agricultural Trade Offices,Advanced Technology Products,Andean Trade, Preference Act,Andean Trade Preference Initiative,Die Ausstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss der Deutschen, Wirtschaft,
Automatic Voice Network,Auxiliary Vessel,Average,Average disbursements,Ad Valorem Equivalent,Airway Bill,Blocking & Trapping clause,Bale, Bag,Bill Book, Below Bridges,
Both to blame collision clause,Bristol Channel,Both dates inclusive,Both days inclusive,Broker's daily statement,Brake hore-power,British Insurance &Investment Brokers' Association,
Board measure,Buyer's option, Branch Office,Board of Trade,Bank Post Bill,Builders,Risks Insurance,Broker Regulatory Committee,Lloyds's,Brokers Registration Council,Boiler survey. Balance sheet,British Summer Time,Berth terms,Bow Thrust Unit,British Thermal Unit,Bureau Veritas,Bristol Channel,Bank Draft, bar draft,grain trade,Bill of Exchange, Bill of Entry,
goods,Bill of Health, Bordeaux to Hamburg inclusive,Bill of Landing,Brought over,Bills payable,Bills receivable. Builders' risks,Bordeaux or Rouen,Bags, Bales,Bill of Sale, Bill of Store,Bill of sight,Barge aboard catamaran,Banque Arabe pour le Developpement Economique en Afrique,General License - BAGGAGE,
Balance,Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest,Banco Centroamericano de Integracion Economico,Business Council for International Understanding,Border Cargo Selectivity,
Bound, bond,Banque de Developpement des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale,Banque de Developpement des Etats du Grand Lac,Bundles,Boards,timber,Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale,Border Environment Cooperation Commission,
Business Executive Enforcement Team,Bundesstelle fur Aussenhandelsinformation,Business Facilitation Center,Banque Francaise du Commerce Exterieur,Bag,Bank Holding Company, British High Commission,
Brake horsepower,Business Information Office,Best Information Available,Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo,Bureau of International Expositions,Bank for International Settlements,
Business Information Service for the Newly Independent, States,Bilateral Investment Treaty(ies),Back,Backwardation,Book,Breakage,brokerage,Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones,
Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union,Bales,Barrels,See,Countertrade,Bureau of Export Administration.Continent between Bordeaux and Hamburg,Confederation of British Industry,
Current cost, Civil commotions, Cancellation clause, Continuation clause,Convention Contracts of International Sale of Goods,Collective company signing agreement,Country damage,
Current domestic value,Cubic feet. Carried forward,Cost, freight and insurance,Channel for orders. Coast for orders. Calling for orders,Code of Federal Regulations (USA)
Cargo's proportion of general average,Carriage of Goods by Sea Act,Continent between Havre and Hamburg,Consular Invoice,Captain's imperfect entry,Customs,c.i.f Cost, insurance and freight,
Cost, insurance, freight and exchange,Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest,freight London terms,Chartered Insurance Institute,Completely knocked down,Cargo on board,
Cash on delivery,Claims payable abroad,Charterers,Controllable Pitch Propellers,Current rate, Company's risk, Carrier's risk,Cancelling returns only,Closed shelter deck.Central standard time,
Constructive total loss,Constructive total loss only,Chief value,Commercial weight,Case,Commercial dock. Consular declaration,Certificate of insurance,Craft loss,Consignment note,Cover note,Credit note,
Certificate of origin,Cash order,Case oil,Charter Party, Custom of Port,Cases,Consortia of American Businesses in Eastern Europe,Central American Bank for Economic Integration,
Codex Alimentarius Commission,Central American Common Market,Cash Against Documents,Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing,Council of Economic Arab Unity,Corporacion Andina de Fomento,
Commerce Business Daily,Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act,Caribbean Basin Initiative,Conventional buoy mooring,Chemical and Biological Weapons,Chambre de Cooperation de l'Afrique de l'Ouest,
Canadian Commercial Corporation, Commodity Credit Corporation, Customs,Customs Co-operation Council,Caisse Centrale de Cooperation Economique,Customs Co-operation Council Nomenclature,Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature,
Conseil de Cooperation Douaniere,CoCom Cooperation Forum,Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility,Comite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications,Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et, Telephonique,Consultative Committee for International Telephone and, Telegraphy,Commerce Control List;, formerly: - Commodity Control List,Coordination Council for North American Affairs,,Coordination Council for North American Affairs,Convertible currency,Caribbean Development Bank,
Commonwealth Development Corporation,Capital Development Initiative,Compact Disc-Read Only Memory,Center for Defense Trade,Committee of Experts, Communautes Europeenes, Conformite Europeene,
Chinese Economic Area, Council of Economic Advisors,Communaute Economique de l'Afrique de l'Ouest,Commission Economique pour l'Europe,Communaute Economique des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale,Customs Electronic Bulletin Board,,Central Europe Free Trade Association,European Committee for Standardization,European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization,Common External Tariff,
Communaute Financiere Africaine,Centre Francais du Commerce Exterieur,Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S,Code of Federal Regulations, Cost and Freight,Container freight station,
Country Focused Seminar,Canadian Free Trade Agreement,Consul General, Consulate General,Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research,Cheque,Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical,Confederation Internationale du Credit Agricole,
Canadian International Development Agency,Comite Permanent Interetats de Lutte contre la Secheresse, dans le Sahel,Commercial Information Management System,Commodity Import ProgramsCenter for International Research,Commonwealth of Independent States,
Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of, Goods,Court of International Trade,Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements,Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in, Wild Fauna and Flora,
Customs Import Value,Commodity Jurisdiction,Cask,Cleared,Commercial Law Development Program,Common Monetary Agreement,Council for Mutual Economic Assistance,Country Marketing Plan,Completed,Commercial News USA,
Cottonseed Oil Assistance Program,Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Control,Coordinating Committee on Multilateral Export Controls,Coordinating Committee on Multilateral Export Controls,Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe,
Center for Strategic and International Studies,Common Standard Level of Effective ProtectionCustomized Sales Survey,Countertrade,Committee on Trade and Development,Certified Trade Fair,Certified Event,Center for Trade and Investment Services,Composite Theoretical Performance,Crates,With, Cumulative,
Swaps,See,Balance of Payments,Constructed Value,Countervailing Duty,Cash With Order,Chemical Weapons Convention,Common External Tariff,District Office,Draught,Delivery, Delivered,Documents against acceptance,
Day Book, Deals and battens,Deals and battens,boards,Damage done,Damage done in collision,Direct data entry,Despatch discharging only,Dead freight,Direction finder,Despatch loading only,Direct port,Daily pro rata,Damaged received in collision,Days to be agreed, date to be advised,Department of Trade and Industry,Deadweight,Deadweight all told,
Deadweight capacity,Deadweight tonnage,Deposit account, Days after acceptance, Documents against acceptance,Documents Against Acceptance,Deviation clause,Days after date, Days' date,Demand Draft, Delivered at Docks, Damage Done,Debit note,
Delivery order,Documents against payment,Deposit receipt,Days after sight,Dual Valuation,Dock warrant,Development Assistance,Development Assistance Committee,Data on Consulting Firms,Development Bank of the Great Lakes States,Drawback,Deputy Chief of Mission,
Defense Conversion Subcommittee,Delivered,Delivered sound,District Export Council,Deck,Distribution License,Decimeter,District Marketing Plan,Definitional Missions,East,Each and every accident,Each and every loss,Each and every occurrence,
Errors and omissions excepted,Economic Commission for Africa,East coast coal port,Economic Commission for Europe,East coast of Great Britain,Export Credit Guarantee Department,East coast of Ireland,Economic Commission for Latin America,Economic Commission for the Middle East,
East Coast of United Kingdom,Each cargo voyage,Errors excepted,European Economic Community,European Free Trade Association,Each incident,Employer's liability,Estimated maximum loss,Estimated maximum probable loss,\
European Monetary System,Excepted otherwise herein provided,Earned premium income,Emergency position indicator radio beacon,Each round voyage,Echo-sounding device,Export Administration Act,Export Assistance Center,East African Development Bank,East Asian Economic Caucus, European Atomic Energy Community,
Enterprise for the Americas Initiative,Export Administration Regulations,Export Administration Review Board,Economic Bulletin Board,European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,Economic Cooperation Organization,
European Community.Economic Commission for Africa,Export Credit Agencies,Export Control Automated Support System,European Central Bank,Economic Community of Central African States,East Caribbean Central Bank,Export Control Classification Number,
Economic Commission for Europe,Export Credit Guarantee Department,European Court of Justice,Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean,Export Contact List Service,
Economic/Commercial Section,Economic Community of West African States,European Coal and Steel Community,European Coal and Steel Community,European Currency Unit,Export Development Office,Exporter Data Base,Export Development Corporation,European Economic Area,
Eastern Europe Business Information Center,Common Market,European Economic Community,Export Enhancement Program,Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory,Exclusive Economic Zones,Extended Fund Facility,
European Free Trade Association,European Investment Bank,Export Information System,Electronic License Application and Information Network,Export Legal Assistance Network,
Export License Voice Information System,Export Management Company,European Monetary Cooperation Fund,European Monetary System,European Monetary Union,European Norm,European Patent Office,European Organization for Testing and Certification,European Parliament,Economic Policy Council, European Patent Convention
Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative,Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory,Export Promotion Services,Export Processing Zones,Export Revolving Line of Credit,Exchange Rate Mechanism,Economic Research Service,European Space Agency,
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility,Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific,Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia,Economic Stabilization Fund, Economic Support Fund,
Exporter's Sale Price,European Strategic Program for Research and Development in, Information Technologies,Estimated,European Technical Approval,Estimated time of arrival,
Export Trading Company,Export Trade Company,European Telecommunications Standards Institute,European Trade Union Confederation,European Union,European Cooperation for the Long-term in Defense,
European Research in Advanced Materials,European Atomic Energy Community,European Research Coordination Agency,Entreprise Unipersonnelle e responsabilite limitee,Ex Works,
Free Out,Fire and allied perils,Freight and demurrage,Free alongside,Free of all average,Fast as you can,Food and agriculture Organization (U.N.),Fair average quality,Free alongside ship, Firsts and seconds (American lumber),
Free of capture and seizure,Free of claim for accident reported,Full container loads,Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute,Full contract value, Full completed value,Free discharge. Free delivery. Free despatch. Free docks,For declaration purposes only,Free from alongside, Free foreign agency,
Fixed and floating objects,Foreign general average,Fore hatch,Free-in,Full interest admitted,Free into bunkers. Free into barge,Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers,Foreign insurance legislation,Free-in-and-out,Free in and out stowed,Free in and out stowed and/or trimmed,Free in and out trimmed,Free of income tax,Free in wagon,
Fire, lightning and explosion,For orders, Firm offer, Full out terms,free on board,Free on car, Free of charge,Flag of convenience, Free ofcommission, Free of charge, Free of claims,Free of damage,Flag, ownership and management,Federation of National Association of Shipbrokers and Agents,


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